Class Descriptions

“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor” -Joseph Pilates

Pilates East Quogue offers private and semi-private training, as well as mat and tower classes.  If you are new to Pilates it is helpful to start with private training.  This will give you a chance to learn the basic principals of the Pilates’ method, ask questions, and begin your practice in a safe and effective way.  If you are recovering from an injury or have special needs, you should also begin with private training before entering group classes & seek doctor consent before participating when necessary.

To experience the method most deeply and reap the greatest rewards it is recommended that you practice three times a week- you can mix and match classes and sessions to suit your personal needs and goals.  So- breathe deeply, focus your mind, connect to your powerhouse, and discover all this brilliant method has to offer you!

A personal Pilates session- one client working with one certified instructor.  All of the Pilates apparatus (reformer, wunda chair, ladder barrel, magic circle etc…) may be utilized as well as mat work.  This session can be tailored to focus on individual needs and goals.

Two or three people (duet or trio) at a similar level working out together with the guidance of one certified instructor-all of the apparatus and mat work may be utilized.  Clients may have partners they desire to work with or we can help place you with a suitable group when you are ready.  Please note: students must be able to adjust  their own springs & straps, know basic exercises, and demonstrate control of the apparatus to participate in semi-privates.

Tower Class
Up to three students with one certified instructor-  tower class blends mat work with the use of the tower apparatus- incorporating springs to add resistance and challenge.  Small apparatus (magic circles, balls, rollers, weights etc…) may also be added.  This class requires the student to adjust and control their own equipment, and understand basic Pilates principals and exercises- it is there for not recommended for students just beginning their Pilates practice.

Mat Class
Up to four students with one certified instructor, this class focuses solely on mat work without using any of the apparatus. Using the resistance of your own body and gravity you will develop and challenge your core connection while flowing from one exercise to the next.  Many students find the Pilates mat exercises the most challenging, but it is well worth your time and effort since it is also considered the foundation of the Pilates Method!

Open Mat
Excellent for a variety of levels- modifications and advancements of exercises will be given to help the beginner progress and the more experienced student stay challenged!  (To be safe, effective, and maintain the flow of open mat class- please begin your Pilates practice with private training so you can learn the basics before joining us in open mat . Thank you!)